Want to create in the Multiverse? Remember the following:

Your project must be publicly visible from the street.

Remember that not everyone on your street expected to find themselves attending Burning Man. For example, if your art includes sound, consider using an FM transmitter so participants can listen to the accompanying soundtrack of your art from their cars.  

DO NOT Trespass– please do not make art that encourages unnecessary touch and physical interaction. Encourage the audience to enjoy your piece from their car/on the street/sidewalk. If people happen to see you, feel free to wave and greet them! Physical distancing is important.

Minimize Touch Points in Your Art–  Sadly, we don’t enjoy the opportunity for the same high-touch experience of the open playa. Touching art is not in the spirit of physical distancing.  Minimize touch points in your art.

PHOTOGRAPHY- Consider using a sign to indicate your if you don’t want your art photographed. As the artist, you’re welcome to dress-up and light-up and pose at your discretion. Creating a “mail box” for tourists to drop letters into for you is a good addition to handle distanced feedback.

 We found Home at home. So if you ever go looking for your heart’s desire again, remember it may not be any further than your own (front) yard.

You can register your art project here: submission form

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