You don’t need to create grand lawn art with dazzling lights to be included on the map. If you aren’t up for creating full scale art here are some ideas.

  • create and maintain sidewalk chalk art
  • build a Little Gifting Station and give away 2020 swag, masks, furbies, etc. Invite others to leave little gifts as well. A wealth of these stations would be amazing!
  • make a short-lived art piece that is an ephemeral pop-up
  • build a scarecrow decorated in your unique style
  • display your poetry
  • schedule periodic lectures on topics you love through a remote speaker!
  • treat your space as a stage for a performance with your quaranteam or just your fantastic dance moves
  • light sculptures with that LED kit you have been hacking on
  • a gallery of your art
  • … or whatever else makes warms your dusty heart

Are you following the map on your journey through the Multiverse to see other’s art? Be your own art too!

  • decorate your car with lights and washable paints
  • wrap yourself in lights
  • light up your bicycle
  • dress up in your best playa finery
  • follow an art car caravan touring the art

Gallery of Inspiration

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