Save the Magic! A Halloweekend Art Jaunt

ğŸŽƒEngage with your community through art for the HalloweekendğŸŽƒ
All Day, Friday October 30th and Saturday the 31st

“Save the Magic! A Halloweekend Jaunt” is a trek across the Seattle, Washington neighborhoods where you will see art on lawns created by your neighbors and possibly by you! All art is to be COVID safe, check the map and schedule for time of day and location.

Connect with your community and meet your neighbors by sharing the magic of Halloweekend through your own art. Everyone enjoys sparkling festive lights, artistic decorations, and especially the creative talents of their new friends! No project is too large OR small for this jaunt. Plan your art to be COVID safe.

Instead of planning our usual round of haunted houses, trick or treating routes, and holiday parties this year, we all find ourselves in a spooky reality where our creativity, our ingenuity, and even our apparatus-building skills are very needed to make the place we live in year-round a better and brighter (and maybe sometimes darker) place. It is in this space that the Halloweekend calls to us, beckoning those who seek purpose, connection, and fuel for their inner flame to help transform this holiday season into something glowing and unique.

Come join us within our Halloweekend Jaunt, and help us create a world in which our otherwise familiar streets are brightened with art, installations, costumes, and socially distanced performance pieces. Let’s turn our autumnal holiday dreams into reality together!

We’re all about creating great things to share while taking responsibility for ourselves and the community around us. This project reflects that in our art jaunt guidelines/guidance, from asking that artists not put anyone at non-consensual risk or causing harm to making sure folks check in with their neighbors before sharing projects that might be disruptive. Our rules are pretty simple – Leave No Trace, cause no harm, don’t be a jerk: other than that, have a great time exploring the limits of your personal creativity! Let’s build something beautiful and fun together.

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