The Trek is an experience filled with art made by you – creators and participants who provide your skills and space to transform our city into a thriving, wonder-filled urban playa. Create in your own yard, or let the event coordinators make a match between creators without space and participants willing to open their yards to it.

The experience of creating art that to be seen by a general population, who may know nothing about Burning Man and who didn’t sign up to be transported to our corner of the Multiverse is likely to be different than building for the playa, with different considerations to take into account.

Please be considerate of your neighbors

            a. Be conscientious about what you create. We will not include racist or hateful art.

            b. Keep social distancing and current health concerns in mind. Keep social distancing and current health concerns in mind.

            c. Consider your neighborhood when creating. We are ambassadors of our culture, and it is worthwhile to consider how your immediate neighbors may perceive your art. That being said, we love disruptive art and encourage art that tackles the serious social concerns of this moment in history. Black Lives Matter.

            d. When placing art, be aware of the space that people will need if they pull over to view the art, the space they may need to park, to avoid congestion that will cause conflict with your neighbors. Just like you would set your camp bicycle parking away from the streets to accommodate lots of visitors at the Burn

            e. If you have designed your art with recorded sound, especially at night, consider using an FM transmitter and making the station number visible publicly and in your map listing. If you don’t have the option for an FM transmitter, check your local noise ordinances, silence after 10pm is the standard in Seattle. Your neighbors can’t zip away on their bikes to escape!        

Please be considerate of your art partners

            a. Communicate early on with the artist or space-owner that you are referred to, to discuss the project and make sure the art and the space are a good match.

            b. Set up specific deadlines for the build/set up of the art, and when the art will be removed.

            c. Discuss details and expectations – how much space the art requires, if power is needed and/or provided and what your expectations are as far as the security of the art.

            d. If artists and art space providers can’t resolve a difficult issue, reach out! There will be an opportunity to mediate and/or find alternative partners.

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