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Map art is highlighted by gold stars.

Want to see the Multiverse? You can find art to tour here. Please review the following before beginning your journey:

All art will be visible from the street and sidewalk.

PARTICIPATE – This trek into the Multiverse is like any other Burning Man event – there are no spectators. So while costumes aren’t required, they are warmly encouraged. Decorate or light up your vehicle. Mail letters to artists and art hosts.

RESPECT THE NEIGHBORHOOD – Remember that not everyone is ready to attend Burning Man. Please be respectful when touring neighborhoods. Do not block traffic while viewing art. Do not play amplified music from your vehicle after dark. Please leave no trace and respect the artist’s property, pack out your moop.

DO NOT TRESSPASS– please don’t enter anyone’s property uninvited. Stay in your car/on the street/sidewalk. If people happen to be present, feel free to wave and thank them! But please don’t wander through their yard or knock on their door. Physical distancing is important.

DO NOT TOUCH THE ART–  Sadly, we can’t offer the same high-touch experience of the open playa. Touching other people’s art is not respectful and clearly not in the spirit of physical distancing. If a piece of art (like a gift library) is clearly made for interaction, please ensure you use gloves, mask, and hand sanitizer.

PHOTOGRAPHY – These pieces of art are at people’s private homes, which they may not want photographs published of. If you see a sign near the art specifically asking you not to take pictures, don’t

 We found Home at home. So if you ever go looking for your heart’s desire again, remember it may not be any further than your own (front) yard.

By clicking on this link, you agree you have reviewed the guidelines : Link to Map*

*when map is opened on mobile, be sure to use the Google Maps app, it doesn’t render well on mobile browser.

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