This year we burners find ourselves in an alternate reality where our creativity, our ingenuity, and even our dust masks are very needed to make the place we live in year-round a better place. In this space the Unknown lurks, calling to us to solidify purpose, connection, and fuel for our inner flame to help transform what we think we knew into glowing, unique, and discovery our local world all over again.

Come and participate in person across Seattle and in your backyard. Help us shed light on the Great Unknown of local art and experiences made by you and your community. Our otherwise familiar streets will be filled with actual art, installations, experiences, and socially distanced performance pieces. Let’s turn our Burn week dreams into Burn week reality together!

Presenting the 2nd Seattle Reality Trek 2021, 8/29 through 9/4.

The Seattle burner community (full of artists, activists, dreamers, and makers) is all about creating great things to share while maintaining responsibility for ourselves and the community around us. This art trek project reflects that in our guidelines and guidance. We are asking that artists not put anyone at non-consensual risk or causing harm, and making sure folks check in with their neighbors before sharing projects that might be disruptive. Our rules are pretty simple – Leave No Trace, cause no harm, don’t be a jerk: other than that, have a great time exploring the limits of your personal creativity! Let’s build something beautiful and fun together.

Emergency Contact Number: Is someone not being covid safe? Is there a danger to participants that you need to report? Please use this number for emergencies only: ‪
(971) 599-3210‬

Be aware, this is not a chat or info line, call hours from 2-10PM during Trek week.